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SPARKLES Summer Camp will be held from 15 -30 th April 2015.
Timings : 10am -12pm and 4pm - 6pm.

Grandparents Day celebrations will be held on 26th March in Bhosale Nagar center and in 27th March in Aundh center.

Graduation ceremony for Nursery children will be held along with the Grandparents Day.

School Picnic - 18th Feb for Bhosale Nagar
                         20th Feb for Aundh

All children to come COMPULSORILY in SCHOOL UNIFORM , sports shoes and caps.

List of Daycare Holidays for 2015

15th Jan 2015 (Thursday) : Sankrant
17th Feb 2015 ( Tuesday ) : Maha Shivratri
6th Mar 2015 ( Friday ) : Holi
21st Mar 2015 ( Saturday) : Gudi Padwa
1st May 2015 ( Friday) : Maharashtra Day
15th Aug 2015 (Saturday) : Independence day
17th Sept 2015 ( Thursday) : Ganesh Chaturthi
22nd Oct 2015 ( Thursday) : Dassera
11th -14th Nov 2015 (Wed-Sat) : Diwali Break
25th Dec 2015 ( Saturday) : Christmas

Annual Sports Day

Sparkles Annual Sports Day will be held on the following dates:
22nd January in Aundh branch
23rd in Bhosale Nagar branch

Class Photograph

will be taken on 5th February. Children are requested to come in proper school uniform.